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Obligatory Introduction

November 28, 2007

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Renee, a senior at a women’s college in Indiana, where I grew up. I’m a double major in Women’s Studies and Communication Studies. I used to be a huge over-achiever, but I’ve calmed down in the last few months. I have two really hysterical cats at home, Ivana and Gus. I also have a pretty rad boyfriend named Joe and am surrounded by equally rad friends.

I decided a couple weeks ago to apply to MFA programs in writing… so I figured I really ought to start blogging. Aside from the fact that I’m a totally geeky blogger-fangirl, it’s probably not a bad idea to just write and get some feedback. Here’s the kicker: I’m super shy online and hate the vulnerability of keeping a blog. In fact, I hate knowing people are reading what I write… I don’t know how I write so many papers for class. So consider this the first step to overcoming that fear.

Yes, the MFA thing is totally random. For awhile, I figured I’d just get my Ph.D in Women’s Studies and do the whole professor-thing. Then somehow, I got the idea that law school would be SUPER AWESOME. I even visited a school, took the LSAT, and stressed over it for months. Then someone asked me what my passion was. “Traveling and eating fantastic food.” Wow, good thing that’s what law school teaches. NOT.

I have this weird affinity for children’s books, probably because my mom’s a preschool teacher. So, recently, I decided that being a children’s book author would be the coolest. A far cry from law school, yes, but that is probably a really good thing. Honestly, I’d like to write kids’ books, own a coffee shop, and do some activism on the side. One step at a time… I just freaking love coffee shops, though.

As for my blog, who knows what it will be… probably a hodge-podge of awesomeness, because that’s how I roll.


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