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Things I Can’t Stand, episode 1

November 29, 2007

There are a lot of Things I Can’t Stand, so this list will be an ongoing project. I get annoyed pretty easily and then I like to complain about it. Unfortunately, the only person with enough patience to hear my complaints is my mother and I’m sure there’s only so much she can take.
So here goes.

Things I Can’t Stand

1. All the styles right now that look really cute on the hanger but then look like a table cloth when I try them on. What the hell is that about? Don’t designers make anything to accomodate those of us with hips?

2. I am too short to be a Rockette. I have really long legs; I should be a freaking Rockette! Alas, you have to be 5’6″ (without heels), and I’m 5’5.5″ That’s right, half an inch short of my dream. (Okay, so it’s not really my dream, but it’d be really cool. And, if I lived in New York and saw auditions for the Rockettes, I’d totally audition even though I can barely touch my toes.)

3. Finding the most gorgeous dress ever made on ebay for $260 LESS THAN the actual price only to get it and realize it makes me look like a box. A really gorgeous box… kind of like a pair of shoes that you have gift wrapped at Macy’s for $30, minus the bow. How unflattering is that? I guess it’ll make a really gorgeous table cloth.

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  1. ~Angela~ permalink
    November 30, 2007 6:42 pm

    I can’t get this link to work for some reason… Trying again. If it doesn’t work, go to my blog entry titled “Miss America’s Next Top Pajama Model”.


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