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Everything’s changed but nothing’s different

December 27, 2007

I drove home tonight, blaring a new CD, watching the lights pass me by, and reflecting on my evening. I felt like I was in an indie flick. It was surreal.

I ran into an old high school buddy while taking advantage of Banana Republic’s after Christmas sale (I bought nice khakis for $13 – originally $78!!!) who informed me Ye Ol’ Theatre Gang was convening at a local pub this evening. Be there at 9.

I roll in around 9:15, fashionably late. Almost everyone is there. We’re missing a couple of the guys, a couple younger siblings, a beautiful local lass, and a lovely lady in San Francisco. I hadn’t seen some of these people in a couple years. But tonight was lovely.

I’m continually amazed how mature, smart, and accomplished we’ve all become. (In no particular order…) One of us is auditioning for MFA Theatre programs in February. One of us is in physical therapy school in St. Louis. One of us is finishing her theatre degree and living the cosmopolitan life with her sisters in Chicago. One of us has started her Masters in opera at the Indiana University music school. One of us is taking a job curating Christian art museums in Paris. One of us actually has a girlfriend (and too much to drink). One of us is getting married this summer and interviewing with Red Gold Tomatoes. And, of course, one of us is sending her MFA creative writing application soon and hoping to relocate to Minnesota. (Hint: that’s me.)
When did we become 20-somethings?

We all updated one another and gossiped about other people. We reminisced about high school… “What was your favorite and least favorite costume you wore at MHS?” “Didn’t Emmy pee in the sink in the costume room?” “I did, too!” “Didn’t Matt break into the guys’ dressing room so we could skip choir that one time?” “Who was the one that climbed through the ceiling to get in? Was that you, Jonathan?!” “Remember that song we sang in Madrigals?” “And remember how we sang it on the way to teepee the director’s house?” “Remember how certain parents were pissed about our costumes in Guys and Dolls?” “Why did I always get old lady parts?” “I heard that song we did together in Anything Goes… What was it? Oh, Let’s Misbehave!” “Please don’t mention The Crucible.”
Wasn’t that yesterday? It seems like it.

You know, I really hated high school. Really. Especially when I look at how much more fun I’m having in college. But, when I see these people now, there’s none of that drama… only memories. With them, I like looking back on those days. Now they make it seem like none of the sucky stuff ever happened.

But I think the best part is… my high school curfew was midnight. I always fought it. Tonight I was home by midnight on my own accord. I am old.

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  1. Virginia permalink
    December 27, 2007 4:58 pm

    Being a 20-something isn’t so bad, don’t worry (at least, the first few years, haha). The most important thing I’ve tried to remember is to make a real effort to keep in touch with high school and college friends. It can get hard sometimes, but it is so worth it.

  2. Gooseberried permalink
    December 28, 2007 5:55 am

    God, where did you go to school? All the kids in my high school are now married and have many children and aren’t doing anything which requires the use of a pencil. Or their brain.

    That’s how it was for me too when I went home. No staying out late for me!

  3. Feminist Gal permalink
    December 28, 2007 6:02 pm

    “But I think the best part is… my high school curfew was midnight. I always fought it. Tonight I was home by midnight on my own accord. I am old.”

    oh goodness, i remember those days – the ones in between high school and adulthood when parents don’t quite know what to do with you and how to treat you… do we treat her like an adult? do we stop using guilt as a tool? do we try the “we trust you” approach? Haha… hopefully yours do all those wonderful things that make parent-child relationships work. Mine held onto the midnight curfew all throughout college – most of the time i was home by midnight, afterall, being a feminist and a women studies/psychology major was enough rebelion on my part! (they wanted me to be a doctor, and a republican to boot!) 😉

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