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Things that necessitate naps

February 11, 2008

This is how the postal service is supposed to work at my school:
A package is sent to you. You receive a notification in your dorm mail box that you have received a package and are to pick it up at the campus post office. If you do not pick it up within a week or so, the post office student worker send you an email. This email includes the sentence, “If you have misplaced your pink notification slip, a student ID will suffice.” You then retrieve your package from the post office.

Easy, right?

Well, this is how the postal service at my school works for me:
I order my books online the first week of class. I wait. And wait. And wait. Four weeks later, I am still waiting for my Interpersonal Communication book even though the seller said it was shipped two weeks ago. I retrieve some other books with a pink notification slip. Finally, I receive an email informing me I have not, in fact, picked up a package and it is waiting for me at the post office. How long has it been there? Shouldn’t I have received it with my other books last week? Why didn’t they send another notification slip? You mean I could’ve had this book before my test last Friday???? So I venture to the campus post office. I DREAD this place. The postal worker is famously angry. I wait in line. The student in front of me presents her ID (note: not a pink notification slip), and says nothing. The postal worker retrieves her package and the student leaves. I walk up to the window, present my ID, and say, “I have a package.” She barks, “Where’s your notification slip?” “You didn’t send me one this time,” I shoot back. I continue, “I was here last week to pick up three other books, but you didn’t give me this one and you didn’t send me a slip for this book. And I had a test on it Friday.” She gives me all sorts of attitude. I swear, even if thousands of dollars were riding on it, this woman wouldn’t smile. She is heinously unpleasant. There is nothing I hate more than being falsely accused of something. If I have a book at the post office, I have every right to RECEIVE it by any means necessary if I present valid identification. Why did the student in front of me get waived of her lack of notification slip? I was never sent one!!!

She Who Lacks Any Sense of Customer Service finally gives me my book… it is postmarked January 18!!! Do you see why I would MUCH rather drive to the off-campus post office and wait in obscene lines instead of having to experience this woman?


I need a nap.

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