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Texas Tale #1: Caucusing Republicans

March 12, 2008

Talk about hitting the ground running…
I came back from break and, after some much needed cuddle time with The Beau Named Joe, I went balls to the walls on my thesis. Thus, I have not updated as often as I usually do. And, as promised, I need to tell my favorite spring break stories!

Unlike most college seniors returning from spring break, I will not regale you all with tales of naked frat boys, German exchange students, Girls Gone Wild, and -how the hell did that puma end up in our bed?- Nope, no drunken stories here… unless you count the night Andrea and I mixed raspberry rum, coconut rum, orange juice, and Sprite (highly recommended!) then played a rousing game of Life. It did end with Life money in our shirts and the tasty concoction spilled on the board… but we definitely didn’t wake up the next day and ask, “OMG, what HAPPENED last night?!” Nope, we were both fully aware that she was pissed I was winning so she decided to “have an accident.” Haha, only kidding.

We’ll start the Texas Tale series with a story entitled “Caucusing Republicans.”
In Texas, you vote during the day and, once the polls are closed, you go back to caucus. I learned “caucusing” really just involves signing your name to a petition and writing in your candidate. Really not a huge deal. So, Monday evening, we head down to the polls. A crowd is lined up outside. Oasis clings to her snickerdoodle and flirts with the pretty strangers. Andrea and I make conversation with the local yokels and explain that no, I’m not caucusing, I’m visiting from Indiana. Yes, Andrea used to live in Indiana so it’s her first caucus. Yes, her name is really Oasis, and don’t worry, she has a normal middle name in case she hates it. And, duh, we’re Democrats.
Mr. Head of the Caucus Thing stands up to make an announcement: “If you’re here for the Democratic Caucus, please stand in the line to the left. If you’re here for the Republican Caucus, come on inside.” (Of course there’s no line for the Republican caucus. Who would bother to come back to caucus for the only candidate?)
An older man in the Democrat line added to Mr. Head of the Caucus Thing’s announcement: “Don’t be scared!!”
Soon enough, one sole man shows his face and heads inside. One. One lonely Republican, with enough chutzpa to show up to a caucus and stand in line with 150 raging Democrats anxious to sign Obama’s name. (Seriously, all the petitions I saw had Obama written in. I was really surprised to see Hillary win Texas!) As they say in San Antonio, that guy must have some grande huevos.

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  1. March 12, 2008 5:56 am

    Oh, wow. My boyfriend attended the caucuses in Iowa and said it was an experience.

    I cannot believe that there was one lone Republican. I mean, Texas is a super red state, right?

  2. Jenn permalink
    March 12, 2008 3:06 pm

    I don’t think I would have had the guts to be the lone republican in that line. I’m not, but I’m just saying…if I were.

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