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Proving once again, there IS more than corn in Indiana

June 30, 2008

*beep* Hello. You have reached Renee’s blog. Unfortunately, she is not blogging in the Reneeborhood today. You may reach her at Lauren’s blog, giving a break up testimonial as part of her ongoing project, or at her Blog Swap partner’s blog, Wanna Be Reality Superstar by K. K is blogging in the Reneeborhood today. Enjoy!

Bienvenido Reneeborhood readers!

I am not Renee. I am K from Wannabe Reality Superstar. If you want your daily dose of Renee then catch her at my place. Freaky Friday stuff? Nah.. we are participating in BLOG SWAP, a fantabulous project organized by Ben over at NOR.

Onto my guest post which is a “to be continued” because for one I don’t want to bore you to hell with my post and I am pretty long winded and due to the fact this story is pretty lengthy I figured I would continue it at a later date on my blog.

I figured I would blog about my relationship with Renee’s home state.

A lot of memorable times were had in the “Hoosier State”. I guess I would also like to mention I am uber depressed I wasn’t able to meet with Renee and all of the other blogger visitors this past weekend when they visited my home, Chicago.

My Dad had a camper in Monticello, home to Indiana Beach. You know Indiana Beach, the commercial where the crow bellows, “There’s more than corn in Indiana!”

I guess you would not be familiar with this overplayed talking crow if you do not live in Indiana or one of the surrounding states.

My parents divorced when I was young with my Dad receiving custody of my younger, by two years, brother and I every other weekend. Quite a few “other” weekends were spent at the camper during the summer.

We had lots of good times growing up; campfire Jiffy Pop and smores all purchased from the campground store or the town Kroger, the adoption of a “camper kitty” we spent lots of time with the stray on the weekend which led to out of whack allergies for me and lots of Benadryl, numerous Donkey Kong games played at the campground arcade, lunch at Taco Grande which was a knockoff Taco Bell but growing up it tasted so much better than the Chicago Taco Bell my brother and I were accustomed to, and many trips to Indiana Beach.

Indiana Beach where you can fill yourself with as many funnel cakes and elephant ears your heart desires or your parents permit.

The memories… The spooky house which became much less fear-provoking each year we visited, our first trip down the Hoosier Hurricane coaster, which was my first rollercoaster and I believe last, and walks down the boardwalk collecting small trinkets in the souvenir shops. It was warm on summer nights but you could feel the cool breeze from surrounding Lake Michigan brush past your cheeks glowing with the sunburn from the afternoon.

Our summers continued for about three years. My brother and I on occasion brought a friend to enjoy our summer weekends.

The camper was then sold and we were approaching our teen years. Life went on..

They were good times and times to be remembered.

My best friend and I returned to Monticello May 26, 2001 and it was not a trip to remember but rather a trip full of regrets and lessons learned.

To be continued on my blog…

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  1. July 1, 2008 12:49 am

    Why is it that whenever we revisit some of our childhood haunts things are SO different and completely NOT as we remembered them?

  2. Tipp permalink
    July 1, 2008 4:30 am

    It is like Dejavu for me when I go back to my childhood places. Yea for K on R!!

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