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Welcome to Camp! I’m your counselor, Crazy McCrazypants

July 6, 2008

Here we go, Summer 2008! I have my camp t-shirt on (which is about two sizes too small, thanks for not telling us they were BABY DOLL T’s!!), I have door decorations in shapes of ice cream cones, I have welcome cards and candy in each room, my sneakers are tied, my bed is made, my fans are on, the wasps are dead, and I’ve been certified in first aid and bloodborne pathogens. Let’s do this.

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  1. Ben permalink
    July 6, 2008 4:27 pm

    Whoooo! Rock on and show those kids who’s boss.

  2. Jamie Lovely permalink
    July 6, 2008 5:00 pm

    You are adorable. Come back to Chicago and hang out with meeeee!

  3. Tipp permalink
    July 6, 2008 6:30 pm

    I miss camp! Don’t forget to send us your new addy!!!

  4. Stephanie permalink
    July 6, 2008 6:45 pm

    I think you sound really prepared! 🙂

  5. ANG* permalink
    July 6, 2008 7:13 pm

    yay have fun! the only kinda camp i ever went to was tennis camp. prob not nearly as fun as where ever you are 🙂

  6. sandy permalink
    July 6, 2008 7:33 pm

    Have fuuun!! I’m with Tipp- gimme the new address =)

  7. Phil permalink
    July 6, 2008 7:39 pm

    Boy does this take me back. Have fun and I so look forward to the crazy camp stories you’ll have.

  8. Nate Ring permalink
    July 6, 2008 7:47 pm

    You look like your having so much fun.

    Although, why does your picture remind me of my profile picture?

    Glad to heard the bugs are dead

  9. bFlat permalink
    July 6, 2008 8:47 pm

    Have fun at camp! It sounds like you will have an amazing July!

  10. July 6, 2008 9:10 pm

    Have fun show those girls a good time!

    I hate baby t’s.

  11. andrea permalink
    July 6, 2008 10:32 pm

    Just from this picture you seem like an awesome, fun counselor. The kids will love you! Have a good time.

  12. July 6, 2008 10:55 pm

    Look at you, Miss Camp Counselor! Have a great time! Write down some things those kids say — I did when I was a counselor, and I still laugh about them.

  13. theedeeter permalink
    July 6, 2008 11:05 pm

    wooohoo camp!!! have fun 🙂

  14. Bayjb permalink
    July 7, 2008 1:34 am

    Wow I want you to be my counselor, you would be awesome. Have fun!

  15. July 7, 2008 1:34 pm

    Hopefully you won’t have to put forward your bloodborne pathogen training to good use. That kind of makes camp sound scary.

    I’m sure the kiddies will love you!

  16. Jenn permalink
    July 7, 2008 2:37 pm

    I don’t think I would have hated my camp so much if Crazy McCrazypants was my counselor.

  17. Traci Anne permalink
    July 7, 2008 4:00 pm

    Um, I wanna go to your camp!! AWESOME.

  18. Katelin permalink
    July 7, 2008 7:36 pm

    i always wanted to be a camp counselor, seriously it looked awesome. and you are only proving me right and love the pic!

  19. Rachel permalink
    July 8, 2008 1:02 am

    one of things I hate about being a grown up? Not getting to go to camp anymore.

  20. La Petite Belle permalink
    July 8, 2008 4:36 pm

    hahahaha i hope you have fun! and you are so cute!

  21. jessica maria permalink
    July 8, 2008 5:10 pm

    I’ve been following you on le twitter, and it sounds like your campers rock more than other people’s. kudos!

  22. Ashley permalink
    July 14, 2008 2:31 am

    Wow, I’m impressed. Hope it’s fun!!


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