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2008: A Year in Review

December 31, 2008

January: The Month of Stress
The Beau and I were cast opposite one another in the musical Titanic which went from auditions to the stage in two weeks.
I began my senior thesis and enjoyed all the stress which caused something like an ulcer and kept me in bed for nearly a week.

February: The Month I Was Grateful For Health Insurance
I had a weird foot thing that required multiple visits to the podiatrist. My toes grew too close together and I get a pinched nerve occasionally. God, I’m gross.
I realized I have absolutely no direction in life and planned on moving to Minneapolis and working in a non-profit.

March: The Month I Was Practically a Clinton
I spent a week in Texas with my best friend, her husband, and her gorgeous daughter.
I hung out with Chelsea Clinton for a few days. No, seriously. We’re BFF.
I drove Sean Astin (of Lord of the Rings and Rudy fame) to a Hillary rally and got to hang out with the press.

April: The Month to Say Goodbye to College
I finished my senior thesis. All 100 pages of it. All 30 minutes of the presentation and Q&A session. Best feeling EVER.
I celebrated the double-deuce and threw a joint birthday party with two of my favorites.
I survived an Indiana earthquake.
My senior formal came and went.

May: The Month of Success
I graduated, you guys!
I treated myself to my first (and only) massage. Mmm…

June: The Vacation Month
I made another trip to Minneapolis to visit The Beau and discovered Trader Joe’s, Noodles & Co., and Jamba Juice.
The Beau guest blogged his experience breaking down on the highway on his way to visit me.

July: The Month of Pre-Teen Drama
I spent the month as a camp counselor and wrote a hit blog series called Overheard at Camp.

August: The Month of New Beginnings
We moved into our new place, Club Guac, in Illinois.
I started my Etsy shop, Rhapsody in Glue.
We bought a car from Samuel L. Jackson.
I got my first post-graduate job as a campaigner.

September: The End of The Single Life
I posted a video of me singing to my campers.
Our apartment complex flooded and we worried if we would be charged more for lakefront property.
Joe asked, “Will you marry me?” and I replied, “SHUT UP.”

October: The Month I Worked Too Much
I was swamped with the campaign and didn’t blog much, but I did make sure you all saw my Sarah Palin Halloween costume.

November: The Month of Hope and Change
Yes we did. (And my campaign won with a 21 point margin!)
I got sappy and professed my undying love for The Beau.
I confessed to my love of Rice Krispie treats and fried chicken, that The American President and “The Daily Show” are the reasons I’m in politics, and that I hate the wedding industry.

December: The Month of Real Life
Club Guac boasted a blue and gold Christmas tree.
I got a new, real, semi-permanent job with a commute and a salary and benefits!
I began a blog series dedicated to Dorothy Parker.
I got hosed on Christmas Eve but I also booked a reception hall and set a date!

Up next!
2009: The Year I’ll Become a Mrs. With a Real Job
Let’s do this.


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