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She works hard for the money

January 17, 2009

I’ve been feeling fantastically overwhelmed lately. Seriously, you guys, full time work is SO not for me. I’m going to do my service to my country for a few years, then get knocked up, and work part time. Maybe. Because this? Is not my bag.

I mean, I was okay with the hour commute on the interstate. Really. Plus the interstate I take is definitely one of the faster ones in Chicagoland. An hour on Google Maps usually means an hour on the road. But not this week. Two and a half HOURS to get to work. The weather was AWFUL on Wednesday. A car in front of me jackknifed out of NOWHERE into a snow bank. (It’s really funny replaying it in my head but at the time, I was scared.) On Thursday, there was an eight car pile up on my interstate. OF COURSE. I sat for 45 minutes and I moved maybe a few yards. Thank you, iPhone, for giving me something to do.

Once I get to work, I don’t hate it. In fact, I’ve found I’m really pretty good at it. I’m a staff assistant but I’m learning to anticipate the staff’s needs and, even better, yesterday I learned how to use the super intimidating telephone system.

When the weather gets better and my car stops hating the cold and the traffic actually moves and my commute actually becomes an hour again, maybe I won’t be as overwhelmed. I just need to find balance…

But this cheers me up–

Voting ends Monday! Go vote for me!

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