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I <3 Adriana Trigiani

February 26, 2010

I had so much fun reviewing Government Girl for TLC Book Tours that I volunteered to do another review. This time around, it’s for Very Valentine and Brava, Valentine, the first two books in a trilogy by Adriana Trigiani. I love Adriana Trigiani for many reasons. First and foremost, she’s an outstanding writer. Her voice just sucks me into her stories.  Secondly, she graduated from the same tiny women’s college that I did. (In fact, when I worked for the college one summer, I met her briefly at a reunion. I was too shy and star-struck to tell her I love her work.) Thirdly, because she graduated from Saint Mary’s like me, she throws in little mentions of SMC culture… like in Very Valentine when the main character reminisces about studying abroad in Rome and ogling the Notre Dame rugby team (Adriana, does ND even have a rugby team?!) or in Brava, Valentine when the main character would rather be watching Real Housewives of South Bend (Adriana, I think Real Housewives of Granger would be more appropriate).

I read Very Valentine on Valentine’s Day, of course. But I mean, I read the entire book. (I promise my V-Day wasn’t as dull as it sounds. Okay, maybe it was. I’m not complaining.) And then I read Brava, Valentine the next weekend. Yes, the entire book. In one weekend. I devoured both of them.

So, yes, I loved these two books (graciously provided by TLC Book Tours and Harper Collins). I find myself thinking about the characters and the families whenever my mind wanders. I was sucked into the shoemaking world of Valentine Roncalli and her crazy, overbearing, Big-Fat-Greek-Italian-Wedding-esque family. The love interests, the family squabbles, the growth of the characters… I was and still am fascinated by the whole thing.

I don’t often read chick lit or novels in general… I’m more of a biography/non-fiction reader… that is, if I even read at all. But every once in awhile a story will sweep me off my feet and immerse me in a brand new world in the best way possible.  That’s exactly what this did… and I am simply antsy anticipating the last book of the series!

To read an excerpt of Very Valentine, check out HarperCollins Browse Inside feature.
To say Ciao to Adriana Trigiani herself, see if her tour is coming somewhere near you.

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