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What Nora would rather be doing…

April 6, 2010
(Another great blurb from the ever-lovely Nora. Interested in writing your own? Email me!)
What I’d rather be doing for 20 days straight than working Renee’s jobs:
* Sitting in an airport in Vegas with a soon to be very dear friend, chattering away about anything and everything. This, of course, assumes that we can shower intermittently and have outside food brought in because airport food is BORING.
* Going on a roadtrip across the US from Missouri to California and back, stopping along the way to see things like the “worlds biggest peanut,” or oddball museums. This would ideally be accompanied with an endless supply of CDs, gorgeous driving weather, dive motels that are somehow safe, and magically healthful for you junk food.
* Attending a Dave Matthews Band concert every day for 20 days. I don’t think I’d get bored.
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