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What Holly would rather be doing…

April 9, 2010

(This is a delightfully creepy guest blog from the refreshing Holly, and you know how I love me some delightfully creepy tales. Want to write your own? Email me!)

What would I rather be doing than working Renee’s job?  I immediately went into research mode when asked this question.  My friend, Coby, works in a little, neighborhood coffee shop not too far from my house.  I would imagine Renee’s coffee shop is somewhat similar.  Upon infiltrating his place of employment I asked, “Sooooo, what would you rather be doing rather than working here?”  He replied, “Hmmmm… well, I really like my other job.  I wish I could do that more.”
His second job involves some greenhouse, eco-friendly, co-op place, which, I’ll admit, does seem kind of rad.  But, more work?  Really??  I immediately deemed his answer BOR-RING and decided to move on.    Why would Coby know anyway.  He’s not me, and Renee asked what I would rather be doing than working her job, not what boring Cobe-a-lobe wanted to be doing.
So, having decided my researching capabilities had been tapped out, I began brainstorming.  Let me tell you, it definitely got all stormy up in there.   There was some kind of brain freeze taking place because I could only think of a few things I liked doing.  These included walking around my neighborhood, writing, painting, not working, eating, spying on people, and getting mail.  Luckily, lightening hit and I realized I could include all of these things in the same activity.
Now, you are probably jealously demanding to know what activity this would be (I mean who wouldn’t love doing all these things).   I call it: ‘Writing Notes to People I Don’t Really Know.’  It involves writing notes to the people I don’t really know.

Specifically, I will write to people I repeatedly spy on see on my daily walks around my neighborhood.  In these notes I will include a little painting for good measure.  I will then deliver them when the timing seems right (AKA they are likely not around).  Admittedly, delivering mail is not the same as getting mail but it’s close enough, especially because I sorta, kind of believe in karma… sometimes.  Of course, this will all be done while I am eating Teddy Grahams.

Here is an example:
Dear Guy Who Works on His Car All The Time,
I think it’s cool that you enjoy working on your car so much.  Rain, shine, whatever, you’re in your garage, with the door open, tools in hand.  Do cars need that much work?  Will you work on mine?  I painted you a small picture of your car.  I hope you like it.  If not, that’s okay because I liked painting it.
Peace, H
P.S.- I promise I am not a stalker.  I just see you a lot as I take my daily walks around the neighborhood.

Although this may seem creepy and ridiculous to some people, those people are wrong.  It is actually fun and awesome.  Waaay more fun than work!  Plus, I am sort of creepy and ridiculous, so I might as well stick to what I’m good at.  

Hopefully the ‘P.S.’ will eliminate any inclination to get the police involved.  I, personally, think it would be quite nice to receive such a thoughtful note, with a little picture too.   And really, I’m aching for some ridiculousness, creating world peace and curing deadly diseases can be so exhausting.  A meaningless break like this is just what I need.  (I’m guessing Renee could use a little break soon too).

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