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Sis Hope

July 10, 2010

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been enjoying a mini-vacation for the last week. After heading up to Minneapolis for a wedding, I decided to take a few extra days and head to Indiana to visit my hometown/my parents. It’s been nice to take some time off, though I feel busier than usual and I have absolutely no sense of what day it is anymore.

I was moved to write when I received a notification from Twitter telling me that @sishope is following me. I was not familiar with this organization so I checked their website. Buy a bag. Give a kit. Keep a girl in school. I’m sold.
When girls in third world countries menstruate, many times they do not have the supplies to keep them from experiencing embarrassing leaks. Often they will stay home from school for the week, attempting to accommodate their periods with things like tree bark and rolled up newspaper.
Can you imagine? No pads? No tampons? Can you imagine using tree bark?

Sis Hope sells fair trade bags crafted by women around the world. When a bag is purchased, the organization will send a menstruation kit to a girl who needs it, providing a year’s worth of period protection. How great is that?

“Here at Sis Hope we believe menstruation should not mean inequality. We envision a day when no girl will miss a day of school due to inadequate menstrual protection. We dream of creating a global alliance amongst girls and women across the globe, in which we can support and empower each other, as sisters and allies.”
from the Sis Hope website

This blog post is completely unsolicited but I am a sucker for a good cause, especially those that support women and girls. (Power to the sisterhood!) By the way, Sis Hope hiring campus reps and a social media intern at the moment, too! Check out their site, buy a bag, learn more about girls in Uganda, and spread the word. No girl should have to stay home from school because of their menstrual cycle.

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  1. July 10, 2010 12:34 pm

    DONE. this is so moving and beautiful. and i mean, jesus. getting your period is sucky enough already, tree bark?! i don’t think so.

  2. July 10, 2010 12:51 pm

    This is such a fantastic organization! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. July 10, 2010 1:00 pm

    Thanks for posting this – what a great cause.

  4. Mom permalink
    July 13, 2010 9:18 am

    I’m in.

  5. July 13, 2010 4:31 pm

    What an amazing organization. It’s funny, we spend so much time thinking about war and hunger and the other “big picture” troubles of the world, it’s easy to forget about the basic things we take for granted. Thanks for sharing, I’m on my way to do my part.

  6. July 14, 2010 5:27 am

    Wow thank you for bringing this to my attention! I so want to do something to help. Those poor girls! Sometimes I have to shake my head at the things that I take for granted all the time. Must – Stop – Taking – Things – For – Granted!


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