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Resolutions for ending sexism and eradicating gender stereotypes

January 21, 2012

If you are a subscriber to’s action updates, you’ll recognize the letter below.  They have set out five major New Year’s resolutions that aid in the commitment to end sexism.  Being a feminist does not mean a lifestyle overhaul, rather small steps towards equality in our own lives.  It’s surprisingly easy.  Over the next several weeks, I will reflect on these resolutions and how I intend to apply them to my own life.  I invite you to do the same, either on your blog, in the comments here, or in the form of a guest post for our Powerful Woman Monologue series.

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! At we are as committed as ever to ending sexism and eradicating gender stereotypes. To accelerate our efforts, we are focusing our energy on five major resolutions in 2012:

1. Get healthy – It is not about dieting, it is about a lifestyle shift. We are taking a 360-degree view of all that we consume in 2012. Watching less reality TV and educating ourselves instead through documentaries and books will make us – and those around us – smarter and healthier. This year we are celebrating alternatives to tabloid media, expanding our educational efforts and giving our supporters new and exciting ways of staying involved.

2. Value ourselves – This can be hard in a society that seems to only value the superficial, but celebrating our true selves and our accomplishments, while taking moments to recognize our worth, is essential for us to reach our full potential.

3. Be a model, be a mentor – Being a model is about personifying the characteristics we hope to see in the world around us. It is as simple as remembering that every time we look in the mirror and criticize our looks, it is very possible that a young girl or boy is watching and learning from that behavior.

4. Get involved – Whether it is volunteering at a beach cleanup or chairing the local school board, by becoming active in our local communities we are taking ownership of the change we want to see. Change requires action so at we will continue to encourage real world organizing and activity in 2012.

5. Be a leader – We are taking on stronger leadership roles in our own communities, cities and states. Only 18% of America’s top leaders are women. This is the year we significantly change that number. In 2012 we encourage everyone to step into new leadership roles and to support women in leadership wherever they can.

Over the next year we will dig deeper into these five categories and provide easy actions all of us can take to stay true to our “resolutions.” Join us as we embark upon the best year yet for each of us personally and for women and girls around the world!


Jennifer, Amy, Christine, Cindy and Imran


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