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Scintilla ’13: Tell a story set at your first job.

March 13, 2013
The Scintilla Project


Craving a bit of bloggy community, I decided to join The Scintilla Project. I remember seeing a lot of buzz about it last year, so I’m excited to be a part of the project this time around! Over the next two weeks, you’ll be seeing some stories that tell the tapestry of my life.


Today’s prompt is: Tell a story set at your first job. 


My first job was slinging ice cream at a little shop called Ritter’s Frozen Custard. It’s a chain, but their locations are sparse. If you live near one, consider yourself lucky. It’s the best damn ice cream outside of real Italian gelato.

The environment at Ritter’s was happy. Like, really really happy. Employees are known for their friendliness, and if you have Ritter’s on your resume, service industry managers in town especially know that your service is top-notch. Because how could you be depressed when there’s so much free ice cream around? And you get to listen to the radio? And you work with your friends? I’m telling you, it was a fantastic job. (Even though I was paid $5.50 an hour.)

Except, let’s be realistic, everyone has bad days, even Ritter’s employees. And one day, I had a bad day. I don’t remember what set me off, but I was irritable, short-tempered, and just ready to leave. Now that I think about it, my bad attitude may have been due to a caramel apple sundae selling contest. (My kingdom for a caramel apple sundae right now.) Before the end of the night, I had absolutely snapped at my assistant manager.

I felt awful.

My assistant manager was a nice dude. He was very positive and knew how to motivate a team. But I was over it that night.

The worst part was, I assumed this was going to go into my file. You see, every Ritter’s employee at that time had a file. When you did something spectacular (like win a sundae selling contest), it went in your file. When you did something questionable (like snap at your AM), it also went in your file. When I saw my AM go into the office, I thought for sure he was writing my outburst into my file.

I knew I had to confront my general manager and apologize. It was one of the scariest things I’d ever done at the time.

During my next shift, I told my general manager that I needed to talk. He sat me down and I explained everything–that I was frustrated, that I snapped, and that I felt terrible about it. I figured he needed an explanation as to why this black mark was on my file.

He told me that the AM hadn’t written anything down from that shift. But he was proud of me for apologizing.

I was proud of me, too.

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  1. March 14, 2013 1:18 pm

    Sometimes we just have to let our feelings out; gotta just let it rip. That you recognised that you needed to apologise and then proceeded to do so just means that you’re doing feelings right, my friend.

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