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Scintilla ’13: A chance meeting

March 18, 2013
The Scintilla Project
Today’s prompt:

Write about a chance meeting that has stayed with you ever since.

I realize as I begin to write this that it may seem like my participation in the Scintilla Project is only serving to toot my own horn about all the fantastic famous people I’ve met. But, these stories are just some of my favorite stories and it’s a good excuse to share them.

One fall, Joe and I returned to the place we met–Notre Dame–for a football game, like we always do at least once a season. We have a few traditions. We park in his old neighborhood for $15. We hit up the library for a bathroom break. We watch the band. We eat port-a-pit chicken (which I didn’t realize is almost solely a South Bend thing; you guys are missing out). We watch more of the band. We head to the stadium.

It started out like a perfectly normal football Saturday. It was sunny and beautiful. We parked the car in Joe’s old neighbor’s lawn and head to the library for a bathroom break.

That’s when things get weird.

Once inside the library, there’s a bit of commotion. I mean, there’s a lot of commotion on game days at Notre Dame, but this was weird. I found myself being pushed back by a giant dude. Like, a giant giant dude.

That’s when I realize…
I had nearly run into Taylor Swift.
Her body guard moved me out of the way.
Because I was, like, gonna run into T. Swift.

You guys. She was crazy tall and skinny. Like. Scary. So tall. So skinny.

Apparently she was at ND because her brother goes there or was thinking of going there? I don’t know. I didn’t care. Because how often do you go to a Notre Dame game and get pushed out of the way by Taylor Swift’s giant body guard in the library?

Not everyday, folks.

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  1. juliejs permalink
    March 18, 2013 9:33 pm

    My daughter LOVES Taylor Swift. We have seen her twice in concert. Once before she got famous for a crowd of about 1500 and then once at the Staples Center in LA which was more like an extravaganza than a concert. She loves her. I find it funny that you ALMOST ran into her… she seems like such a nice (tall skinny) girl….

  2. March 19, 2013 6:25 am

    Honestly, I find these stories to be hilarious. And if Scintilla ’13 is what happens to be the mechanism for getting them out, let’s do it. I can’t imagine how baffling it must have been for you at the time, only because like, you had a mission and all of these people were foiling it for you!

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